We want to provide you with the best experience, so your purchase is subject to our terms and conditions:

Payment Methods

For the convenience of our attendees, the payment methods accepted by runway7fashion.com are American Express, Visa, and MasterCard.

Order Confirmation

After making the payment on the website you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code. If the user has connection problems at the time of purchase and does not verify that a confirmation email has been sent, the company will not be responsible for these problems and there will be no option to claim reimbursement.

Tickets purchased through our website

Tickets are sold exclusively through our website, tickets that were not purchased through our website may be fraudulent.

The tickets can be transferable, which means that if the person who bought the ticket cannot go, the ticket can be given to another person. The important thing is the QR code but not the name.

Also, the availability of seats will be handled exclusively by Runway 7 Fashion.

Rescheduling or cancellation of an event

In case the event is rescheduled, the client will be informed of the change of schedule, for example, if the event is for the 9th at 1 pm, and is changed to 3 pm, you will receive an email notifying the change of schedule.
If you do not respond to the email within 48 hours you will have lost the ticket, and will not have the option to claim a refund.

You will have the option to confirm your attendance, otherwise, a refund will be made, whose estimated time will be exclusively managed by Runway 7 Fashion.

In case of cancellation of a show, the customer will receive a refund. The refund time will be exclusively handled by Runway 7 Fashion.

About the change of show

You can request a change of show from the one you initially purchased by writing to us at operations@runway7fashion.com, please detail the order number, the show time you purchased, and the show time you want to be changed to.

We will make the change as long as the availability allows us to do it, if not the change request cannot be made.

Waiting Time

To all users who purchased a ticket and have a reserved seat the maximum waiting time will be 30 minutes, if this time is exceeded, we have the right to relocate you.
This is so that the show is not delayed so please be on time and keep in mind that the waiting time to enter will be approximately 30 minutes.

Refunds and Exchanges

All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Once ticket is purchased it cannot be re-sold or re-ticketed.

This does not include the designers’ show schedule as Runway7Fashion may change the date or time of the designers’ show, which will not be subject to claim or refund.

QR code must be presented
You must also present the QR code at the door, otherwise, you will not be able to enter the event, if you do not attend there will be no refund.

Finally, during the ticket sales season, discount codes will be activated and their validity and availability will be limited. The discount request would not be effective if you did not use the discount code when registering your purchase.

Conduct: Cancellation and Expulsion

Any person who demonstrates misconduct and uses inappropriate language or discriminatory words inside the venue or in line will be removed immediately without the right to claim or refund.

By purchasing a ticket, you grant the right to submit to the review measures considered appropriate by the venue authorities, in case of resistance, your access to the show will be limited without the possibility of claiming a refund.

On the other hand, liquor, sharp objects, or objects that stun the general public, such as bombards, whistles, etc., are not accepted.

Acceptance of Image Use

By attending the event you accept and grant permission to use all the audiovisual material in which you are registered, in order to use it later in our platforms and publications.

Thank you and we hope you have an excellent experience.




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